Airsoft War – Operation Orange Suitcase

Mission Objectives: Find and secure the orange suitcase. I was lucky! I wouldn’t do that. Medic! Hit! Calling HQ. We need support! I repeat, we need support. No! You have no support. Just hold your position! Where was I? Commander… …Sir… you have… What? …a BB… There are BBs everywhere. I can’t concentrate! So, where is the suitcase? It should be somewhere here! Any news? We crashed their left flank. I did! Excellent! But they pushed us back on the right. And in the middle. Where is my coffee? It should be somewhere here. I can’t work here. Move! Sir! They broke our lines! Yes, I know. Did you find the suitcase? Sir… commander… …your face… Shut up! Did you find the suitcase? No. Not yet. They are everywhere. So shoot everywhere! Change your position! You’ve been there for ages. That’s the strategy! They think we are everywhere. Did they find the suitcase? Not yet. Move! Hi guys! It’s time. Your respawn is over. You and you. – Yes, it’s time. – No, no. Yes. It’s time to go. Please no. I don’t wanna go. I want to stay on the Respawn. Sir… …sir our Respawn is… What? What’s wrong with the Respawn? It’s overcrowded. Built a bigger Respawn. Anything else? Yes. There is a kid who wants to tell you something. What do you want? I want to kick some ass! That’s the spirit! Come closer. Look! See that trench? Clear it and you can play with us. Grenade! He has got the suitcase! The orange suitcase! They will kill him! Take him down! Wait. Move! What are they doing? What are you waiting for? Cover him! I am coming… … to crush you. Hit! Hit! Who the hell is she? Hit! And where is the suitcase? You won. Good job. Let’s go to HQ. I need my coffee.

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  5. 1st thought what is this shit?, then I actually started to enjoy it and realised the terrible acting and game play was intentional. Well done guys

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  7. Kan jeg ikke kan komme til at se jer alle en rigtig hyggelig aften med dig. Jeg tror ogsΓ₯ jeg har vΓ¦ret en tur pΓ₯ hospitalet i en

  8. Kes la amk ne dion sen sjsjdjsjdjd
    AzΙ™rbaycan'dan Salam

    Shut up amk what are you saying
    Greetings From Azerbaijan!

  9. I’m a kid and I love airsoft the nerf part was offensive cause I don’t do that. what I do is not bring a freakin jacket/hoodie

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