Arthritis in Rabbits – Symptoms and Treatment

hey guys this is Haley from
and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking all about arthritis in rabbits
when rabbits get older or they have a history of injury arthritis is commonly
developed so I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the warning
signs of arthritis so that you can know what to watch out for with your bunny
some of the common symptoms are not wanting to play or run around as much
slower at getting up from a laying down position
not wanting to are having difficulty standing on their hind legs trouble
grooming themselves falling over or rolling over when attempting to groom
themselves or stand on their hind legs if you see any of these symptoms in your
rabbit please take your rabbit to an exotic veterinarian to determine whether
your rabbit has arthritis or perhaps another condition now I kind of
want to talk a little bit about how I treat arthritis with my specific rabbit
Lulu keep in mind that treatment plans are gonna differ from each rabbit
depending on what works or what your vet personally recommends so the first thing
we added when Lulu was diagnosed with arthritis was a medication known as
metacam or the generic name for it is meloxicam meloxicam is used to treat
arthritis it reduces pain swelling and stiffness in the joints meloxicam is
known as a non steroid anti-inflammatory drug and this medication can be
prescribed through your red exotic veterinarian I personally only use
meloxicam on an as-needed basis so for example if her joints look like they are
very stiff and she looks to be in pain then I will give her a dose of meloxicam
although some days I really don’t feel like she needs it as her other therapies
are very very effective and a lot of the times she doesn’t even need her
meloxicam which is great because long-term use of
any medication isn’t ideal but thankfully her blood work is all good so
she does have the clear to be given meloxicam
on a daily basis if she needs it the next medication that has been vital in
Lulu’s treatment for arthritis is a medication called adequan as
is a type of glucosamine that works a little bit different than the oral type
of glucose bu before we started the adequan injections
Lulu actually stopped using one of her back legs most of the time due to severe
pain and stiffness from the arthritis after starting the adequan injections
she completely regained function of her back leg again and she has never gone
back to how she was previously I can also really tell when she is due for her
next adequan injection as she does become more stiff and looks more in pain
so this is literally a lifesaver for any animal who has arthritis
I personally give Lulu her injections twice a week these injections can be
prescribed through your exotic veterinarian I also like to provide
different willow toys for Lulu to chew on
there’s something called salicin inside of willow bark and salicin works
the same way as like an aspirin would by reducing inflammation and pain when it
enters the bloodstream and an added bonus
willow is loved by rabbits and it’s completely safe I haven’t noticed a
dramatic difference with willow as I have with other therapies but of course
I never know exactly if it’s giving her some relief or not plus she loves willow
and goes crazy for it so it’s a great addition to provide enrichment as well
in her old age and it has an added bonus that it could be providing pain relief
and reduced inflammation if you guys are interested in high quality at willow
toys I actually sell a variety of them over on my online shop
the next treatment I have found helpful for Lulu is something called red light
therapy now if you had watched my cold laser therapy video you may be shocked
to hear me say this as I did mention I didn’t think red light therapy would be
as effective for arthritis in rabbits however I did more research on it and I
found a professional red light that I’ve actually seen great benefits with so I
have been using the according to gospel aquiline light it is a pad with red
lights in it that you can rest upon the arthritic area and
provides relief if you want to learn more info about red light therapy or
this specific red light therapy device I will leave it a link in the description
to their website they have a lot of information on there they also just came
out with like a handheld version so that you could just rub it over the area if
that’s something you would prefer but this is the cheapest option that they
have and it’s really small and works great for rabbits in my opinion so once
the light is plugged in it stays on for about 15 minutes which is the
recommended treatment time just make sure the light does not shine into their
eyes as that could be very dangerous so for Lulu I just use this towel around
her neck so that she can’t see behind her and also the light doesn’t really
show much but sometimes down in these corners it will sometimes peek through
another thing that has helped Lulu a lot is moving her into the warmest room of
the house cold is very painful for those with
joint issues and arthritis so warmer environments are definitely ideal
however please note that healthy rabbits should never be kept in temperatures
over 75 degrees Fahrenheit without direction from an exotic veterinarian as
there is a risk of heatstroke especially in specific breeds so I don’t actually
have any external heaters in this bathroom I just use the register that is
already in here and I close the door and it actually heats up the room quite nice
the temperature in here ranges anywhere from 73 degrees to 77 degrees however I
do notice that anything under 75 degrees she tends to be more stiff and looks to
be more in pain so I do try to keep the temperatures around 75 degrees whenever
possible but the temperature does vary because every time I open the door it
does let heat out I hope this helped any of you guys out there who have arthritic
rabbit for those of you guys who just have rabbits who are getting older
there’s also lots of other treatments for arthritis out there such as oral
glucosamine or CBD but for various different reasons I don’t do those
things with Lulu however they may be an option for you or your rabbit please
always speak to your exotic veterinarian about how you should treat your specific
rabbit thank you guys so much for watching subscribe if you want to see
more videos on rabbits and rabbit care and I will see
you guys very soon on a new video bye it reduces pain stiffness pain swelling
and stiffness oh why why you got to be this way
can you get down it’s so dramatic so dramatic whatever stay okay Salicin we’re did I put my script

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  1. Lulu is so cute I have own. Rabbit named shadow she is a mini Rex I’m thirteen years old I love her to the moon and back

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