Bad Shower Habits Causing Body Acne l Clear Body Skin Care Tips

Hi guys, it’s Iris here and we’re back with an episode of WishtrendTV vs. Acne If you haven’t checked our previous episode of vs acne comparing different types of acne patches Make sure you go check it out right here Does any of you guys want to wear off shoulders or a backless dresses, but can’t Due to problems on your chest and back? Let’s use our five rounds of vs. Acne to get rid of your skin problems Go go Round 1: Cause of body acne First let’s learn about the cause of body acne Acne on your chest and back are troubles That are caused from the clogged sebum that have failed to secreted Unnecessarily dead cells are piled up and that’s what causes acne Sebaceous glands are largely distributed on our chest and back Which make it easier to form on thick layers of skin How can we escape from acne? First, there are things you need to consider if you are suffering from body acne Think if you’re having hot showers for a long time High body temperature promotes sebum production and creates an acne-prone environment If you are taking showers for 30 minutes to an hour, that’s a bad habit You can improve skin problems when you wash with lukewarm water under 10 minutes If you change trivial habits like this You can relieve back acne. We learned about the cause in round one So now let’s learn about the habits that we should change to get clear skin Round 2: shower sequence What is the shower sequence for Wishtrenders with body acne? Did you know that by changing your shower sequence You can actually relieve your body acne We told you that your chest and back are largely distributed with sebaceous gland So you need to remove sweat precisely with body cleansers For example If you wash your hair while standing up you might still have shampoo residue on your body So, you want to tilt your head downwards and rinse your hair like this or wash your body with special attention But if you still feel like it’s hard to wash completely Try changing your shower sequence If you wash your hair and body at the same time Rinse your hair first and then remove the impurities on your body with body cleanser Then, even though shampoo residue is left on your body You’re removing it with your body cleanser and I will share some tips about things you should avoid I don’t recommend you use quasi drugs like hair loss shampoo Hair products or hair packs with wax of silicon oil and try to minimize their usage and Now I’m going to share tips on how to apply your hair essence Prepare a dry towel then put the dry towel on your back Apply your hair essence and then dry your hair this way The essence doesn’t go directly on your back. Preventing skin problems Round 3: Body scrub Have you heard that you shouldn’t scrub your body with acne parts Because the acne is going to spread all over your body? This is right and wrong It is really important and good and helpful for your skin If you care with body scrubs time to time, but if you rub too harsh or too often Your skin will get irritated and your acne will get worse So you should scrub your body without irritation if you have acne-prone skin or tretinoin I recommend you exfoliate twice a week to remove unnecessary sebum without skin irritation There are three tips. Using scrubs, using tools, and using skin care products Let’s learn more about these tips First, when using tools we recommend you use a puff with microfibers or a soft body brush If it’s your first time using them it might feel a little awkward But it will successfully remove dead cells, germs between the pores And you’ll see the improvement if you use it for two weeks Apply body soap on microfiber puffs and massage your body to exfoliate It is useful to wipe out easily darken spots Like legs, feet, knees, and armpit. When using a body brush soak it in warm water for 10 minutes And then apply your body stuff and massage your body If it’s your first time using a body brush choose brushes that’s made of nylon Nylon brushes are softer than cactus or pig bristle brushes So you may feel less refreshed, but for beginners, we still recommend a nylon brush Secondly, I will share tips on how to apply scrubs. When you’re looking for scrubs We should look for particles that are round, because round particles exfoliate without irritation Don’t melt for too long in the water If you want to just simply cleanse your body then just make enough foams and mix it with water Lastly, on using skin care products to exfoliate Some of you will ask what if it’s unable to take a shower There is no substitute to taking showers, but I will still tell you tips on how to solve your situation Soak cotton pads with enough toner that has exfoliating functions and wipe off your chest and back This can remove built-up impurities and sweat and also help with light exfoliation Round 4: Applying lotions Some of you guys may be suffering from back acne because of your bad habits of applying lotion For example, if you thought, I’m gonna apply body oil because I have dry skin Or I don’t need to apply body lotion because I have oily skin Please pay attention! Whether you have dry skin or not after showering or scrubbing you always have to hydrate your body Light texture lotions mostly have mild ingredients so they will fit most skin types Because they are absorbed quickly They are good for dry skin and lightly oily skin types Also apply lotion when your body still has moisture, so that’s about Five minutes Apply more delicately with the areas where they have lighter skin like the top of your foot, collarbone, or your knees They are easily chapped or broken out in a rash Also, for those areas where you can’t reach apply body mist like on your back You need to avoid ingredients like Shea butter and coconut oil. That’s going to cause acne And also ethanol is going to disturb moisturization I recommend ingredients like Sulfur, Witch-Hazel, Azulene, and ceramide that are often used to cure acne I will tell you a secret. I heard that Wishtrend is currently developing an effective spot care cream That’s based on sulfur for acne And I heard you can use it on your face and body? Round 5: Lifestyle habits Finally, lifestyle habits You should fix your lifestyle habits to get rid of acne and get to a clear body Even though you apply good products and remove your acne if your lifestyle is bad these problems will reoccur So let’s learn how to get rid of our bad habits and get to a healthy lifestyle for clear skin Firstly, don’t expose yourself in high temperature for long hours If you’re exposed to hot water shower, baths, saunas Sunlight or even heaters, your water-oil balance is going to break and cause acne Number 2: avoid humid environment To help prevent acne, it’s better to wear sweat absorbent outfits and use air conditioners and humidifiers To control the humidity Especially, we sweat a lot in the summer which is causing acne on our chests and backs So when we’re lying down, our back is going to be damp with sweat so our back cannot breathe Also damp environments and demodex folliculorum from unclean bedding can highly affect acne Number 3: Bad eating habits If you consume high ratios of carbohydrates It can disturb hormones and worsen acne. If you enjoy fried foods, fast foods, junk foods, or oily foods You are more probable of having acne symptoms It is not that all people with bad eating habits all suffer from acne But people who do suffering from acne problems should take care of your eating habits Number 4: Harsh diets If you are going on a strict diet It can provoke problems inside your body and to break the water-oil balance And as a warning, it’s going to form acne Number 5: Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning If you drink warm water on an empty stomach when you wake up, bowel movements can prevent constipation You can release toxins inside your body and improve acne. So try to drink some water when you wake up Number 6: Stress and irregular sleeping problems If you don’t go to bed at the appropriate time and sleep at dawn This is going to release Keratin and expedite sebum secretion If this repeats it will cause acne And also if your body’s tiredness is accumulated This will cause body problems and stimulate sebaceous glands to arose acne Especially acne on the back is closely related to bowel and stomach So you have to try hard to effectively improve your lifestyle and relieve your stress Number 7: Regular workouts Regular workouts help correct sleeping patterns, eating habits, hormone balance, and to relieve stress Though, it is hard to exercise regularly when you first start. It will get better as you start with easier exercises If you are suffering from bad body acne, then we still recommend you visit a dermatologist to remove them So far, we solved concerns on body acne. Back acne is caused from bad shower habits But also from stress, eating habits, and from drinking and smoking First it is important to look back at your shower habits But I also hope it was a good opportunity for you to look back on your usual habits We will come back with more interesting episodes of WishtrendTV vs. Acne

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  22. 1. Donโ€™t shower with hot water too long.
    Luke warm water for under 10 minutes would be the best.

    2. Change your washing routine.
    First rinse your hair off shampoo and then wash your body.

    3. body scrub twice a week.
    Use a body scrub, tools or skincare products.
    (I personally use a tool and body scrub.)

    4. Applying lotion on your back/chest acne.
    Avoid Shea butter, coconut oil and ethanol.

    5. Lifestyle habits
    Avoid long exposure in the sun
    Avoid humid environments
    bad eating habits
    harsh diets like starving, restricting
    Drink water on a empty stomach in the morning
    -stress and irregular sleeping patterns
    -regular workouts

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