David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness on Beard Trims, Self Care, Gender and LGBTQ Rights | Netflix

– ‘Cause can I just take a
little comb to your beard? Wow Dave, Amelia Earhart
could be in this tuft of hair, honestly.
– Mm-hmm (affirmative) (buzzing)
Ow, Jesus! – He’s lying. Are you okay?
– I’m fine. – You’re literally combing
my face really hard, my face skin.
(laughing) That is someone who
looks like they’re ready to sign a treaty at Fort Sumter honey. (laughing) Cute. (funky drum music) – In here? Hi everybody. – How are you?
– Hi, nice to see you. – So nice to meet you. – Yeah it’s a pleasure to meet you. – How are you? – You know, I’m well. – Dave, you are looking
fit as a fiddle these days. – God bless you. – Your beard looks great Dave, I love your post-retirement beard. (laughing)
I do! It’s very mysterious, it’s like
“What’s going on with him?” – Yeah, let me just ask you a question about beard care generally.
– Yes, yes. – I just use a bar of soap on my head– – Yes.
– And on the beard. – While I do like that
you’re disinfecting you face, (giggling)
and your beard, and your head. However, gray hair is a little bit drier which is why I would encourage you– – Oh yeah. – To impart a little bit
of a beard oil on this. Because it’s just gonna give
you a little bit of shine, it’s gonna make it a bit more malleable. Doesn’t that feel nice? – Yeah. – All of these little guys
want to follow the rules, but then this one is like “Go fff, nya.” Know what else we could trim that would also look really nice? – We’re not trimming anything. – You have this triangle of
hair that’s living up here. – Right.
– It’s Bermuda’s Triangle. Shouldn’t we just get that hair? – If you touch that with anything sharp– – You’ll die.
– With a blade– – You’ll punch me.
– No, I’m gone. (funky music) – ‘Cause you were born in… – Indiana. – And have you ever
heard of Crawfordsville? My great grandfather was the
mayor of Crawfordsville once. You like history? This is the Teresa May of
your hairs right here– – But, but. (laughing)
– She’s all herself. And no one wants to listen to her. You know who I literally just interviewed? Erin Brockovich. Didn’t you love that movie? – Has anyone, in conversation, ever just fainted from talking to you? – No. – Let me ask you a question, have you experimented with this? – Oh the mustache wax, yeah
that’d be great on you. – Well I don’t know if I
have enough mustache to do. – Oh you totally do, oh
you have plenty of ‘tache. Take some on your thingies. On your finger.
(laughing) – Jesus. Okay.
– Speak homosexual for you. – Okay.
– Okay, No! No!
– Not that bad. – I’m gonna work it right on up. – Ouch. – I just, okay, shh.
– I feel like a trout. – It is a little stuck. – What about super glue, would that help? Almost as unpleasant as
a trip to the dentist. Is it working?
– Look at that. I feel like that part in Mrs. Doubtfire when we’re gonna fit you for your new look and we’re like “Boop boop
boop boop boop boop.” Remember?
– Yeah, of course I do. – Honestly I love you with a
little curly mustache so much and look at how cute it is. You are so disarmingly handsome Dave. – Well I–
– Look at you. – I can’t argue, you’re right. – Could you be any cuter? And then you–
– No. – Know what you could do with your extra balm on your thingies? You could take it and
then you could just ask these little guys–
– Okay, okay. – To calm down a little bit. – Okay, and I’m just
gonna ask you to stop– – Pat ’em down.
– Saying thingies. (funky music) – Let use some cuticle and nail oil. – No. – Just a little bit, come here. What’s some self care that you do? – You know what I have
done now is meditating, do you ever meditate?
– Ooh. Love mindfulness, love meditation. – What kind do you do? – I’ve just done the kind
that you learn about, like you go to yoga, just like
a gorgeous, like Shavasana. Like listen to the sound of your breath, like close your eyes, see your thoughts, like coming and going, but you’re like “I’m inhaling, I’m exhaling.” – Mm-hm. (affirmative) – What do you do? – I pay the guy, who came to my office and taught me transcendental meditation. – Yeah ’cause I– – So I am kinda snobby about that. So what you’re describing I consider mm, yeah call me when you’ve
had a guy come and train you. – Totally well, one of the tenets of mindfulness and meditation is ruthless judgment of other people. So I would love take from
your teacher, he sounds great. (laughing) (funky music) When it comes to the art of interviewing, what do I need to work on? – Listening.
– Mm-hm. (affirmative) You know that’s not the
first time I’ve hear that? – Is that a fact?
– Yeah. – What I want is a
conversation, not an interview. You and I are having a conversation. It may be wandering and out of control. Nonetheless, it’s a conversation. – What about, like Late
Night becoming more, she’s like more political now, thoughts? – Do with it as you want, is my feeling. If that’s what is driving you as a person, that’s what your show should be. – Love. That.
– Yeah. Let’s talk about the
history of the neighborhood. This is the neighborhood
where Stonewall is. And this is the route I used to take home every night from work, and we would drive right by the place. And now it’s the 50th anniversary
of what happened there. – It’s such a different experience of how we would have Pride now. Now it’s like a gorgeous parade,
it’s like a gorgeous party. And while it is celebratory
and it can be really fun, it was born out of this like, literal riot that happened aa Stonewall 50 years ago. I didn’t even understand
until this Pride month, the amount of oppression and violence that the LGBTQ community faced
at the hands of the police. It would have been a
crime for me to wear this, on the way to do your hair. If you are born male you cannot wear more than two articles of
clothing of the opposite sex. The charge would have
been Female Impersonation. – To me that is stunning,
that what was illegal was illegal only 50 years ago. It seems primitive. – It was totes primitive. I mean just the way that there is like, you know seven billion
people in the world. – Right.
– That all experience life in a different, unique way.
– Mm hm. (affirmative) – There is that many
different unique ways– – Yes.
– That sexuality and gender can be expressed too. I identify as non-binary, so it means that I don’t identify with my gender that I
was assigned at birth. I just, I don’t feel that I
identify in the binary period, like I don’t feel that I’m
representative of binary. – And binary in this case
represents male, female? – Yes.
– Okay. – That’s The Binary
that we’re referring to. But you know what I think is interesting? It’s okay to not know all the definitions. – Mm hm. (affirmative)
– And all the answers. – Yeah. (mellow music) In my family, and I think
in everyone’s family the acceptability or
understanding if not acceptability has come a little more easily as it gains momentum of awareness. Is that a smart assessment of this? – I do think that like socially
in America we have made, you know some progress. Even though I do think that
there is a concerted effort as we speak right now, to
roll back those efforts. ‘Cause the struggle has like
really been going on forever. Like marriage equality in America, even though like we weren’t
putting a name to it. There was advocates and fierce
trailblazers in the 20s, 30s, 40s, that we will
never know their names. So I don’t think that
it happened that quick. And I think that people
are really too quick to congratulate themselves
on, on where we are. On women’s issues and on gay issues. – I would agree with that. I’m coming out of my
position of ignorance, with the rest of the country, because of my son and his school. And they are so far ahead of this, I take that as a bell
whether that in fact things, perhaps glacially, but through
his generation and earlier will make this acceptability easier. So that the bullying will
stop and beatings will stop and the violence will stop. – There are really
awful things that happen that don’t make the news to
LGBTQ people all over the place, and like no one would hear about it. Especially if it’s like
not actually in Pride month or like the time to talk about it. And so I think that,
what’s really important for you that has the platform
on the gorgeous TV show that we’re on and making, that you feature people like
me so that other young people and other non young people,
important decision making people can see that people that
don’t look like them and don’t talk like them
and don’t act like that, or can be you know seen
as people and not as like something to be scared of. And it’s a very good place to start. – Yeah, yeah. That’s right, yes, a place to
start, yeah I agree with that. – Yeah. (funky music) Now just close those eyes. Soften your face, soften your brow, soften your jaw, soften
your eyes, let ’em close. – Oh man I feel… Whoa I feel great.
– Close those eyes! – Whoa.
– Close, shush shush. – That was great, how long was I out? – Shush shush shush.
– That was fantastic, whoo. – Dave, we didn’t even get there. – Look at the time, well– – Your transcendental meditation
coach needs to be fired. – Come on, make the noise.
(humming) Okay keep making the noise. – That’s really pretty. – Go ahead. – Okay.
– Just have a seat. – No watch the ‘stache David.
– Okay. No, don’t you, no, we’re done combing. – Here.
– No. – Here, that smells nice. (cheerful music) – I, this has been a
good experience for me. – It has?
– Yeah. Thank you very much for your time thank you very much for–
– Thank you. – Your interest in me. Nothing right ever
happens without a fight. – That is correct and I
couldn’t think of something to rhyme that quickly. (laughing) Look at that smile, you’re so handsome. Wanna hug you. – Yes, give me a hug. – Okay. (music drowns out speech)

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