Dr. Ellis Christian, interventional cardiologist, speaks on women’s heart health.

(uplifting music) – I’m Ellis Christian, I’m an interventional cardiologist and I practice at Heart &
Family Health Institute. Women are usually taking care
of everybody in the family, whether it be the kids,
the husband, the grandkids, and unfortunately, sometimes, they forget to take care of themselves. And it’s our job to make sure that we take care of them. I think it’s incredibly
important to screen women. I think women, in general, have just been viewed as
people that are overlooked from a health perspective, unfortunately, you know, just the way our society is. You do any study, and you compare how women are
being treated or screened, and it’s always not optimal. You know, especially
post-menopausal women, their risk of heart disease
goes up astronomically. So it’s very important that we
pay more attention to women, that we’re screening
women for heart disease and we’re treating them to the level of standard of care that they deserve. (uplifting music)

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