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  1. When I am on Grindr I just get fat old men messaging ..saying they are stocky..not fat occasionally sexy guys too..but asking myself are they rea ha ha..

  2. Objectification in the gay community (in the world as a whole too) is all too real. I unfortunately know many people who are not satisfied with their bodies (most of them who are extremely fit and hot af). It pains me to see that they don't think they are beautiful enough for society's standard. For me personally it hasn't always mattered as much about the body, what has mattered is the heart inside. Of course I still do by best to stay healthy, but I find life just as fulfilling without a six-pack 😁 Thank you for this extremely informative video, I'm sure it will help many people reflect on what these apps could do to us mentally and could help them with their body image in the future 😊 Hope you have a fantastic frickin day!!!

  3. For me personally grindr has become a meme app, just, a damn Meme. I almost know everyone in my area, and the men that contact me there, are usually grandpa's in their 50's with a wife and children and they think that they have the right to have fun with men, and that's less worse than cheating on their wife with a woman (I swear they really have this mentality). I soemtiems get texts from fake profiles, and they're actually men I've dated and dumped because they were too sex driven, too gelous, too immature, etc… And it's sono funny to me the fact that they think I'll date them again just because they have a new profile, and they also try to seduce me in some weird way, but the reality is that I block them instantly cuz I ain't got time for unnecessary drama. I noticed that Tinder was much more successful for me personally (except the fact that most of my matches ghost me for no reason but that's a story for another day). I think most men on grindr don't even care who you are as a person, I have specific information about my Asexuality on my bio, and for what? People don't even read that, and If I tell them to, they still ask me for sex or, they'll start rambling about how weird it is, how it's not normal and it's just sad, I don't get affected by it anymore, I just laugh about it, but I can imagine other man that can get really hurt over these insults.

    (Btw you're so close to 1k omg I've been following you since you had like 100 subs, I'm so fkin proud of you 😭❤️)

  4. This channel is slowly turning to a psychological and psychiatric gay channel
    And I honestly love it
    Keep the good work ❤️✌🏽🌸

  5. You mean 1000 subscribers! I was your 911 and ever since then you have kept growing 😭. Keep thriving 🤧☄️🍃.

  6. …that’s why so many guys use false pictures on the app.

    Your insight is really spot on.
    Thanks for being so open and candid with the info you share.


  7. The problem is time, of course. The time spent on improving one’s body is time taken from developing one’s brain, mind and soul. Healthy loving relationships are the best cultures for positive growth. The body is less significant for those interested in healthy love.

  8. I think a hard part for me is accepting my body and my looks. I am getting better now but for a long time I felt that there was something wrong with me. Aren't looks super important? It's true that some guys look more ideal than others, right? Attractive guys get more attention, and nobody owes me sex or love. I felt that my life had so many big mistakes and I needed to "fix" myself. I wanted "pretty privilege" because I was tired of feeling ugly. When I do things to improve my appearance, I do feel a little better.

  9. Congrats on 1k subs!!! You deserve it! 😊 Your videos educate and inspire us all on a weekly basis, and honestly this is just the beginning for you. I know you have amazing things in store for you in your future 😊 Cheers on this amazing milestone and the plenty more to come! 🎉🎉🎉😁😁😊

  10. OMG! Lol… It was hard to stop laughing at the face dot and the sausage pic. Very good info! Thank you for your research! Thank you😁

  11. I was overweight most of my life, stayed at around 130kgs untill I was about 24, and it was always the part I hated the most about myself, otherwise everything was peachy. I was quite extraverted back then and made friends easily, I must've been overcompensating for a shit self esteem. However, being a fat gay man in a sea of perceivably perfect men chiseled from marble eventually kicked me in the ass. In 4 months I purged and starved myself down to less than half my body weight, most unwise. I spend a few years building up muscle to compensate for the (luckily, minimal) loose skin which remained.

    Fastforward. Walk into a gay club still fully expecting to be ignored, I seek the smokers area so I can light up with the single ladies whomst I'll probably spend the night crackling with while we sip wine until 4 am. Instead, halfway up the stairs my ass is grabbed by a guy who happens to not be drunk or in his 60s (a win for the ego). I arive at the bar "what can I get you gorgeous?" asks the topless bartender (Who me? srsly?), a drag queen asks ME for a photo (ok). By this stage the world feels more like the truman show; in what feels like 5 minutes I'd received more flirtatious attention than I'd ever received in 27 years.

    An existential wave of dread figuratively adds another 60 kgs of fat back to my body as I suddenly realise I have no fucking clue how to appropriately reciprocate any degree of flirting. If someone flirts with me I've still got no clue what to say, I try to diverge the conversation to something safer before I begin stuttering. Sex is still off the table; I don't feel self conscious about my body; but more so about other heavier things. Like, shit, I've never dated anyone ever, my crushes never knew who I was, never held hands with anyone; every interaction feels like a jump into the murkiest deep end without floaties.

    Recently I managed to fuck up my first ever date before it ever happened; talked to a guy for a few days online before someone sugested we meet up for a few drinks at a lowkey local tavern. We are chatting the day before confirming things are still going ahead and stuff kinda talking about how excited we were to meet in person; then he mentions something about going back to his or my place for sex afterwards. I've no idea how to effectively communicate how anxious the idea makes me, so I rescheduled. We kept chatting but I kept rescheduling. He stopped messaging eventually, understandably too. So I'm currently weighing up the pros and cons of swapping body fat for emotional baggage and I can't decide which is heavier.

    In any case, I've learned not to dig myself such deep holes in the future. Don't indulge your vices too much or you will eventually feel like you're starving when the well of self pity runs dry. Don't abstain from adventure so much that you lose the instinct that tells you to tread water to stay afloat.

  12. The redditor is just dumb. If he does not want to be objectified, USE AN AVATAR. A funny meme. That way, the guys who message him will not know he is hot, and that will just be a nice surprise.

  13. I discovered your channel like a week and a half ago and I've already watched nearly all of your videos. I really enjoy your content! Congrats on making it to 1K subs!

  14. Amazing video: I've never had the Need to go to the Gym, until i starter to use grindr. So it's my third year in the Gym, and even though it's good for my healt, it's kinda creepy that indirectly an app pushed me to go there 😩

  15. Grindr and dating app things gay and str8.
    A. People don’t “stay in their lanes” for lack of better saying, looks unfortunately are a sticking point and I see a lot of 3 or 4’s chasing 9 or 10s. Point is if you know you wouldn’t approach or have a chance in heck with this person at a bar or in real life, what makes you think the internet would be different? That being said online rejection is a soft blow compared to RL.

    B.its all about the validation nowadays across all social media the likes etc etc. guys act interested, oh sure let’s hookup etc and then bam they gone. It’s all just such a psychological mind fuck at times. Sometimes I’m like how are guys getting laid so much these days will all this crap 🙁

  16. Thank goodness I'm asexual. Grindr definitely promotes objectification and toxic environments. I still use it, but I let people come to me. Sifting through hypersexual people is frustrating but sometimes I can find a good cuddle 😊

  17. Greetings from central Australia!!! And yes we have Grindr out here😀 keep up the great work. Don’t usually miss a video

  18. This video… is ridiculous. Even if parts of it were meant to be sarcastic, it flopped because this issue deserves so much more than this. I guess it can only take someone who genuinely has no interest in sex to really see the problem of this liscentious crowd, just as sanity cannot begin to fathom insanity.

    The dude you called “entitled,” you’re that dude as well, and while you addressed that, I wonder if you really believe it. Granted, he’s an idiot for going to Grindr and expecting not to be lusted after his body, but your tendency to flaunt your sex appeal via innuendos, unnecessary flirtatious movements and of course skin reveals is directly proportional to the rate at which you’ve amounted subscribers. In fact, you may very well have convinced yourself that unless you do that, you wouldn’t get as much attention, and the saddest part is that you’d be right. I can only imagine what’ll happen in this channel’s future. Even if you or the people horned after you try to say otherwise, it’s now impossible to prove: they already know what you look like (and how you can move). There’s no mystery. They’d be defending their fantasy before their reality. You may attempt to reason that such flaunting is meant to mock the fallacious value placed upon such things, but I know too well that it can just as easily be an excuse to get people horned over you, and it’s only too appetizing to resist. No wonder gays are allergic to befriending other gays unless they’re a possible Plan B.

    I’m aware of the reasons you propose in past videos regarding your own body image, but in the end it does nothing to minimize this issue: you’re not providing genuine aid any more than a VSCO gurl does crying to save the turtles with her metal straws but only while on TikTok, looking cute, gaining followers, and if the straws are on sale. Furthermore, if your intentions are supposed to be genuine, then you must forfeit negative personal habits; shaming your own looks, regardless of what inspires said shaming, is irresponsible if you intend to be a positive influence. As it is, your favored physique already limits your relatability; flaunting it is frivolous in these topics. You’ll make so many feel even worse about themselves, and if you truly can’t resist that, then you mustn’t attempt to carry the weight of a true public figure: you’ll crush yourself and others once it becomes unbearable. Am I saying that someone needs to be “unattractive” in order to make insightful points? No. I’m saying that insightful points are always ignored when the spotlight shines on flamboyance. That’s why there’s so much hell: these “public figures” continuously crash that weight down and our society tolerates it.

    Even so, there aren’t any truly insightful points here anyway because this topic cannot be satisfied with superfluous data: we’re not robots. All this data is needless and confusing, and a lot of simple points are made complicated. It’s like me asking someone to write an expression that yields 4, and whereas the simple route is “well there’s 2+2, 12/3, 8-4,” yours requires multivariable calculus. Meanwhile, the deeply insightful points can only be found when thrown into the Ninth Ring of Hell that is sexual gluttony and disdain (and survive it) in order to truly speak of it and know just how extensively demons are allowed to roam as long as their ecstasy releases yours. These apps are not to blame: this pollution has existed for thousands of years, always seeking contemporarily popularized mediums in order to spread the quickest. In other words, the vehicle isn’t to blame: the drivers are. If drivers have no real consequence, then they have no real cause to change; miscellaneous data does not provide a consequence.

    I was hoping that this channel would be different, but the signs of yet another “Gay Boys of YouTube” channel arising are too apparaent. I cannot respect serious topics being used as a platform for someone to fluff their feathers with an audience mindlessly clapping back. Be weary of your growing appetite lest it really begin to consume you.

  19. Loved your … dancing scenes! 😄😃👍🏻

    I am so glad that I am not looking for love anymore. I searched on social media as well … not successful. Very frustrating experience. I gave up at some point and then … met my love in the "real world"! 😊💕

    Though I do know 3 (heterosexual) couples that met on Parship and that married, had kids etc. ✌🏻

    But it really seems to be even harder to find true love for gay men. Harder! But definitely possible! 😀 I personally know 3 👬 longterm couples! 👨‍❤️‍👨

  20. I don't use it cuz it juts lower my self-esteem lmao. The energy amongst this app is just too sexual for me. xD
    Congrats on 1000subs!! Wohoo!

  21. Where is the video? Can't see anything ? Has it been taken down? Please bring it back because it is very much needed ! Thank you. 🙂

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