How To Care For Vinyl Wraps – 2016 BMW M4 – Chemical Guys Car Care

Hey guys, welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today we have this 2016 BMW M4 in the shop,
as you can see it has this cool gray finish which is actually a wrap. So we’re going to be showing you how to properly
wash as well as maintain this without harming the finish. Before we do that we’re going to jump on the
dirtiest area which is the wheels. Brake dust and all kinds of grime collects
on the wheel because as you drive all kinds of things attract to the surface. It’s actually degrading the finish so we are
going to get that off there without scratching it. You can’t even tell these wheels are actually
glossy because of the amount of grime that is on the surface. All that brake dust gives it a cloudy look. We’re going to start by rinsing it down, then
using three Gerbil Wheel Brushes to safely pull off the filth without scratching. Then we can move to the tire and remove old
dressings using the Stiffy Blue Brush, it will remove anything else that was on the
surface as well as embedded grime. Any kind of old dressing will sling on to
the paint job and that is how you get these little black specs. We’re going to rinse it off then get started
with the detailing process. So now that we have rinsed it down using the
Fire Hose Nozzle, it has taken care of the loose brake dust. Now we can get into the more intricate areas
like the barrel, spokes and lug nuts using the Gerbil Wheel Brushes. I’ll start by placing a Dirt Trap in the bucket,
this bucket has fresh water for rinsing to prevent bring the dirt back on to the wheel. We’ll agitate anything that is on the surface
using Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel to emulsify and trap particles on the surface so we won’t
scratch it. It creates lubricating bubbles that loosen
and soften contamination so we can easily take it off and get this wheel looking its
best. You can use this on any kind of wheel finish
like OEM, matte wheels, chrome and so on to make them look great. Starting with the biggest Wheel Gerbil at
the top of the wheel, getting all the way to the back of the wheel down the barrel for
a perfectly clean wheel. By using the biggest Wheel Gerbil it has taken
care of the brake dust that is all the way in the back of the barrel. Now we’re moving on to the medium size Wheel
Gerbil so we can get all the crevices and spokes when the bigger brush wouldn’t fit. Spraying it for added lubrication and cleaning
power. Slide it in between the spoke, this is an
area where a lot of brake dust collects and over time it can start to pitting and deteriorating
the finish so we are going to get all that out of there. You can see that the medium size Gerbil does
an amazing job getting between the spokes and it works great for cleaning in between
the caliper and inner barrel. This is an area that is hard to get bigger
brushes in and around. So now using the last Gerbil Brush which is
the smallest. Again spraying it with Sticky Citrus Wheel
Gel for more lubrication and cleaning power because anything that’s on there is corrosive
and car scratch so you’ll want as much lubrication as possible. It works well for cleaning lug nuts, emblems
and for detailing the caliper because it is hard to get a brush behind the spokes. So now you have more mobility to get all the
around without scratching the painted finish of the caliper. Now this wheel is looking really good, we’re
going to move on to the final step of cleaning the tire using the Stiffy Brush. I’ll spray down the tire one last time with
Sticky Wheel Gel to loosen up any grime that was on the rim as well as old dressings. Scrubbing all the way around the tire to get
it looking its best. Now this tire is looking really good. We’re going to finish it off by rinsing it
down and then we’ll take it inside to continue the rest of the detailing process. If you don’t believe me just take a look at
this bucket, it’s disgusting. So we’re moving right along with the detail
on this BMW. As I mentioned earlier this is a vinyl wrap,
so I’m going to show you the proper techniques and products you’ll need to keep it looking
fresh. This is just a protective layer of vinyl that
is very thin so sun rays beating down on it or things that harm the vinyl like tree sap
and bird droppings can cause it to peel and fade. Using Wrap Detailer and spraying it right
on the surface will rejuvenate the wrap as well as protect it. You can use this on the vinyl wrap, glass
and wheels. It’s a quick detail spray that picks up loose
dirt, bird droppings, sap and water drops to bring back the pristine finish. You can see it has a light layer of dust on
there. Although this car looks really clean there
are actually things still on the surface that can harm the finish. We’re going to get it all cleaned off and
protected, then move to the interior. Real quickly I wanted to mention the towel
we’re using, this is the Happy Ending Towel. It is a very plush towel, vinyl is very sensitive
so we want a very soft towel that will remove anything on the surface without scratching. I’m going to finish off the rest of the vehicle
and then we can jump on the interior. The last step of our detailing process is
cleaning the interior of this BMW. Starting with a vacuum to pick up the filth
and debris then clean and protect the leather. Whenever you use a vacuum on leather, make
sure the edges aren’t sharp. Typically when you drop your vacuum the plastic
edges will scrape making the plastic sharp and if you run this across the leather it
can cause scratches or tears which are hard to repair or replace. So be very careful when you are working on
sensitive surfaces such as leather. We’re going to vacuum the seats, carpet and
finish up the rest of the cleaning process. Alright guys we have made it to the end of
the detail on this BMW. To wrap it up we’re going to hit all the leather
surfaces in the interior using Leather Quick Detailer. This cleans and protects in one step. Just spray it on the surface or on a towel to control
over spray and then wipe down the leather and buff off any excess. That is going to add a UV protective coating
that also resists stains and solar rays from damaging the finish. I’m going to finish this off, in the meantime you guys can head over to our website If you like this car or this video be sure
to give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to drop a comment below if there
is something you want to see or want more information about. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage.

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