How to do a Therapeutic Self Massage : Self Massage Techniques for Feet

Hi! I’m Angela on behalf of
and right now I will show you a self massaging technique for your feet after a long days
of work. First you want to wash them and after you are finish washing them sit in a comfortable
chair and what I always do I always apply lotion so I lubricate the skin. It makes it
easier to massage. I put a mild lotion on because I would be rubbing my foot for a while.
What you want to do is just apply lotion to the whole entire foot, a generous amount.
After finishing giving this you want to begin by taking your fingers and just placing them
in between the toes and them gripping the foot and doing this to it. What you could
do while doing this is with the thumb rub the inside of the foot and just massage it
in a circular motion. After finishing doing this you want to take the thumb rub it a circular
motion moving it away from each other and then move up to the ankle. With one hand move
the ankle and with the other just rotate it lightly and then later increase the rotation
you would feel a stretch all through here and then reverse it. Repeating the same process.
Then apply this other this technique to the other foot as well. This is one of the self
massaging techniques for your foot.

9 thoughts on “How to do a Therapeutic Self Massage : Self Massage Techniques for Feet

  1. i cant even put my fingers between my toes. the gaps aren't side enough to do it, and when i tried even half way doing it it hurt 🙁

  2. self massage ? what about waxing carrot technique? point of massage is to be touched buy other human being, desirable with happy ending :O)

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