How to give medication to a ferret

I’m going to give Gambit some
medicine. So to demonstrate how we’re going to put the syringe in his mouth…
right now this is a syringe filled with Royal Canin recovery diet and warm
water so you see he likes it so this is gonna be an easier thing just to show
how we are going to get it in his mouth so you see he’s just willingly eating it
they’re not going to do this with the medication so most likely what you’ll
have to do is when you scruff them, you want to kind of put it in the side by there
like a back part of their teeth and you squirt it in there aiming towards the roof of
their mouth (Sorry Gambit) So with him… so literally just eat it so I like to keep a syringe of whatever
he’s eating handy to help wash down the meds with so we’re going to give them
his first medication first thing we’re gonna give him right now is
metronidazole so that’s a really nasty tasting one it’s a very small dose but
as soon as he smells it he’s going to clench up so he is pretty well scruffed
right now but a lot of ferrets even when they’re scruffed when it’s something
that they really don’t like it’s going to happen they’re still going to react
to it so as soon as they smell it you know something bad is coming in so he’s still
gonna twisting his body and he’s pushing away so I want to make sure I have a
really firm grip on him I’m gonna get a good scruff. he’s gonna be kicking
his back leg so I’m gonna tuck him under now I have him so that way it’s harder for
him to move and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take the medication I’m
going to put it right back here where his lower jaw meets his upper jaw and I’m
going to try to get in the back of his throat (Thank you, Gambit) (laughs) there we go and I
want to keep his mouth shut and make sure he swallows you want to make sure
when you’re putting it in the back of their throats like that so you’re not
jamming it down their throat. You don’t want to end up in their lungs that can cause
pneumonia then I’m going to follow up once I know that he kind of swallowed
it sometimes they have more of a reaction to
the medication and will foam a lot at the mouth so you don’t want to start giving
the food to wash it down until after you know if they’re not going to be foaming
and spitting it all back up Just washing it all down

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  1. my new kit gave my older ferret ece aswell. there's a surprising lack of information about this out there, so thank you. this is very helpful! i hope your fur babies feel better!

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