How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin Part 2 PRO TIPS

Hey, everyone! So this video is the part
two of “How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin: Do This ONE THING”. So if you haven’t
watched that video, go and watch that video FIRST and then come back to this
video so it’ll actually make more sense and be more beneficial to you. Okay, so
for those of you who have already watched that video, this is to give you a
PRO TIP. So if you have a toner, first you have to select the RIGHT toner, and that
doesn’t have a fine mist sprayer. So, if it’s one of those, I call it a “cotton-based toner”, so it’s one of those toners that’s meant to be put on a cotton and
then wiped all over your face. So, first of all, the toners that are meant to be
setting sprays, they, they have a higher amount of alcohol in them, so that’s
actually NOT meant to be used as a fine mist because most of it will evaporate.
This is actually to INCREASE the moisture levels on your skin. So for
example: You can take a toner, make sure it has a high amount of humectants in
there, and it is not meant for essences or serums, it’s strictly for hydrating
toners. So for toners that are higher in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and exfoliants where it’s meant to be cotton-based to exfoliate,
that’s not what is meant for either. So it just depends. And I am speaking VERY
generally because obviously I don’t know every single toner that’s out there. So
I’m just going to focus on the ones that have a high amount of humectants, it is
designed. Now most of them actually will already have a fine mist sprayer on them
if it’s designed for, you, you know, increasing moisture on your skin, but not
all of them. So this one right here I bought this on Amazon and you can
actually find the link in the description below, so this one here is
from SegBeauty and I’m sure you can find other ones on there, but I prefer to
get ones where the company has made an investment to go ahead and put their
name on the brand. So, it’s a twist-off, I already have toner in here, and you would
pour your toner in here and has a little gadget here, and a lot of
the hairstylists use this also to spray hair to get that wet. But you can, you can
use it for multi-purpose. So then obviously you would twist it
back on and then you would spray from this right here. So I’m going to press the
nozzle here and you can see how it makes the spray mist even finer… okay. So this
is one of my many PRO TIPS. So I have been treating clients with Acne,
hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions, now almost going on 12 years,
and this is a very very good tip and once I actually saw the research on if
you can make the water particles even FINER and actually small enough to fill
in the intercellular spaces of the skin — which I cover in that last video — then
it actually increases the skin’s ability to hold in that moisture, and
it’s, it’s counter-intuitive to what most people believe that if they use
something that’s thicker, if they use something that has more water content
that your skin is more able to absorb it, but according to this research, if you
use a product like a serum that has high amount of humectants and then you pair
that along with something that is a fine mist toner that has a high amount of
humectants, now you can use water but if you’re using humectants, I would want to
use something that actually BINDS to the humectants very effectively, it actually
seeks out the humectants. So, that’s just a PRO TIP that I have. If you’re liking
this PRO TIP, you love PRO TIPS, you want to find out more about product
ingredients, how to use product ingredients correctly, then make sure you
hit that THUMBS UP button, and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel, please
go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. So speaking of which, I already gave you
THIS for the PRO TIP, and the other one is, so depending on what type of skin you
have and the products that you’re using, so for example: Those of you who have
bought the Hydrating Gel and — this is a multifunctional gel — you can use it as a
hydrating serum, you can use it as an oil-free gel moisturizer,
and you can also use it as an overnight treatment mask. So, how THIS fits into a
that type of protocol is, is that if you’re using as a hydrating serum, then
you want to put that on FIRST, then THIS, then your cream or your most-, moisturizer.
And that works best if you have DRY, DEHYDRATED skin and / or you live in a dry,
arid climate. If you have OILY skin, then that would be the LAST step. So then what
you would do is, if depending on if you’re using a serum, whichever one has
the higher bio-active ingredients. So if you’re using a serum, for example, that
has Vitamin C, or Retinol, or anti-aging agents, that always needs to go on CLEAN,
DRY skin FIRST, let that dry, and then you can spray this
toner on you until you are very moist, and then apply your Hydrating Gel, which
then acts as a moisturizer. Now some of you have asked questions in my comments
on where does the eye cream, eye cream or eye gel go into this. And, so if you’re
using that, basically what you would do is you would put on your serum — if you’re
using a serum, like an anti-aging serum — that goes on clean, dry skin FIRST, and
then you have to wait, and if it’s not-, if it’s JUST a Hyaluronic Acid serum — that’s
NOT considered an anti-aging serum, that’s just marketing , so, you don’t have
to wait for it to dry — but if it’s an anti-aging serum, apply that FIRST on
clean, dry skin, wait for that to absorb into your skin, then you can apply your
eye gel or eye cream. Wait for that to settle. Then you can do your toner, and
then your cream or your moisturizer. So, if you’re finding these tips helpful,
then please make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our channel, and remember: Make-up is an
ART and skin care is a science!

18 thoughts on “How to Treat Dry and Dehydrated Skin Part 2 PRO TIPS

  1. Everyone is wanting to know about the PRO TIPS! Try it and see what you think! The links are in the description above! Thank you all for your feedback that our tips are working for you!

  2. Go See Christy. Hi I'm a new subscriber and my problem is I have used medicated cream for a couple of years ago, and as result I suffered some dark pigmentation on my face which looks like sunburn. Please I don't know what to do so can you please advise me what to use.I will please be anticipating your feedback.

  3. Hi Christy. It's winter full of snow in Montreal. My skin is crying for extra hydration. I love your videos! πŸ€—πŸ€©πŸ’•β„

  4. Great tips thank you Christy. Q for you – I suffer from dehydrated skin and at around 2pm my skin starts to feel a little dehydrated. What's the best thing do when my skin starts to feel like this? (On top of that I'm wearing makeup) haven't found a decent video on this yet.

  5. Hi Christy. Thank you the great tips. I ordered the sprayer!! It takes time to get in here in Japan…..
    Would you tell us what kind of toner you put in that sprayer?
    And thank you so much for the advice about the hydroquinone. Now I use my hydroquinone how you told me to use it , and I think it already has made the difference. Thanks.

  6. I used to have very dry skin on my face it was red all time itchy and sore and very sensitive, also suffer with Roseaca, but i have full fat Greek yogurt everyday with nuts honey and fruit and my skin is amazing! done this for over a year, no amount of creams lotions and potions you put on does anything it comes from within what you put in your body.

  7. Hello, I need help with product order. I have cerave retinol resurfacing serum,Neutrogena hydro boost the fragrance free one, elderberry toner, and an emu elixer. What order do they go? I was thinking clean face then cerave, let dry, then Neutrogena, then toner, then elixir. I keep watching videos but im a noob and im confused.

  8. If I’m using prescription retinol at night where could I fit in using Hyaluronic acid and then an inclusive would I use retinol first wait 30 mins then Hyaluronic then toner then occlusion x

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