Prayer Assalam O Alikum Friends My message today is very important May Allah grant Nawaz Sharif good health But sadly On this country The 30/35 year is of the government
Oh man Bit sorry about that People have dominated the 30/35 year But these people A hospital for yourself Is not made Those who can treatment these people If people love their homeland These people Today would not have been a day to watch To Day in Our Country More than 100 hospitals were there The that these people And Poor People There was a cure But Maryam Nawaz Said This is Maryam Nawaz In Pakistan, there is no cure Maryam Lessen If Pakistan was not cured
Treatment What have you done for 35 years So you were catching fish They have confessed with their language There is no cure in Pakistan So what will the people of Pakistan do? Pakistani people are not bulls He was not worried about the Pakistani people Allah Give health to Nawaz Sharif Pakistan Zindabad Pakistani Army Zindabad So Friends This is My Channel if You Like My Video So Subscribe my channel and press the bell icon and share my video with your Friends Quaid E Azam Zindabad Pakistan Zindabad and Salam To Pakistani Army

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