Neuroforma dla ośrodków / Neuroforma Therapeutic Centers

NEUROFORMA FOR REHABILITATION CENTERS Neuroforma is a complex and progressive tool, which will enrich your practice. Working with Neuroforma, your patients will perform various attractive exercises engaging motor and cognitive functions simultaneously. Neuroforma for rehabilitation centers is an esthetic, stable, and mobile station, which only requires 3 square meters of space to do the exercises. How to use Neuroforma? It’s easy. Patients stand or sit in front of the screen. They see their mirror reflection along with virtual objects, with which they interact – catch, move, eliminate, punch or avoid. The dual task paradigm employed in Neuroforma enables the simultaneous training of motor and cognitive functions. Exercises are designed to enhance: movement precision mobility of joints visual-motor coordination the strength and endurance of arms and the upper part of the spine along with perception, attention, and memory. Everything is completed with breathing and relaxation training. With Neuroforma you can use ready-made exercises or modify them in accordance with your patients’ needs. It’s easy to adjust the difficulty level, number of repetitions and movement range for the exercises. Neuroforma also includes extensions expanding its possibilities: the hand motion detector enables precise control of manual moves the balance platform allows for balance and stabilization exercises the movement mat extends the station with exercises engaging the legs You can use Neuroforma both in a private therapy room and in a rehabilitation center. You can also create exercise sets for your patients to exercise at home. All these options are possible thanks to remote progress monitoring and exercise modification tools. We’re creating Neuroforma to supplement and support rehabilitation processes. The program is designed in cooperation with experienced therapists and neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology experts. It’s used and tested in specialized rehabilitation centers. We provide you with a high tech, professional and friendly tool, which will make your work easier and and enrich your practice. Go to and order Neuroforma for rehabilitation centers! Neuroforma is created by Titanis.

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