Riverdale season 4, episode 8 promo: What will happen in In Treatment?

 Riverdale has slowly fed fans a number of mysteries to ponder over in season four, from the mysterious videotapes to whether Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) is actually dead Things got heated during The Ice Storm episode hinting things may be all getting a bit too much for the gang Here’s everything we know so far about upcoming episode In Treatment from the Netflix and The CW show’s promo What is going to happen in Riverdale season 4, episode 8? The promo starts with a very emotional Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) confessing he “hurts all the time”  He tearily asks: “What am I supposed to do?” and an unknown woman answers: “Talk to me ” Going by the promo, it looks like Riverdale High has a new guidance counsellor. Also, from what is being shown in the short clips, the teens are definitely in need of a bit of emotional support  Riverdale season 4, episode 7: What will happen in The Ice Storm?  READ MORE Riverdale season 4 spoilers: Who attacked Dodger?  Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) admits she is “exploding” to the woman who replies: “Why do you think that is?” Before we hear Betty’s reply, another clip is shown of the new mayor Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) getting frustrated in his office, knocking something off a table in anger  What’s more worrying is Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) is then seen screaming into her cheerleading T-shirt by her locker  But what has happened to the redhead to get this dramatic reaction?   Jughead, who is also having a meeting with the woman, is shown with his head in his hands  The woman is once again shown as she says: “You’re locked in a dance of death.” Whether she addresses this at Jughead or another character is not made clear but the promo does hint at it being for the show’s resident writer  The final couple of moments, however, focus on a clearly distraught Cheryl.  Power season 6 theories: Why Ghost faked his own death revealed [THEORY] I’m A Celebrity 2019: Kate Garraway snubbed after Caitlyn comment [VIDEO] Travel warning: The most dangerous countries on earth revealed [MAP] Sliding down the side of her locker after screaming into her shirt, Cheryl is in floods of tears  The promo then switches to another distressing scene of Cheryl with trickles of tears running down her face  She asks, presumably to the mysterious new woman: “What’s wrong with me?” The promo for episode eight then ends there, leaving fans with many questions about what is going to happen   Trending READ MORE Riverdale season 4: Hiram Lodge’s next victim revealed in huge spoiler  A little more detail about what is going to happen in the episode is also revealed in the synopsis    The show’s official synopsis reads: “Residents begin receiving more mysterious videotapes on their doorsteps; “The seniors of Riverdale High eagerly await their college decision letters ” Will the Riverdale gang get the support they need or will it open up a can of worms? 

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